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Vereiya ([personal profile] vereiya) wrote2010-03-14 07:25 pm
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Hello internet! Or at least dreamwidth. I didn't think I'd get one of these things, but well... here I am!

The mission of this journal is to be a content dump for stuff I've been hoarding in my savedsims folder that hasn't been dumped on the interwebs because of Pure Lazyness. I keep feeling guilty by making stuff, intending to post it.... and then not posting it. So before the TS2 community gets swallowed up by TS3, I want to give back. This is my solution. Think of this as therapy with you reaping the benefits. :P

There may or may not be a sims story posted, if I get off my ass enough to actually write the damn thing more than spending time making things for it. I play the game once in a while, but it's mainly an artistic tool for me. We'll just have to see what happens. :P

Hopefully I can get something up here soon. In the meantime, you are welcome to friend, watch, etc. I don't bite and accept everyone.