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Terms of use, Master content list, To do, etc.


It's pretty simple:
(1.) Do what you want with my stuff, except upload to paysites (including TSR).
(2) Since half of my stuff is made from other people's work, please credit them/follow their TOU as well.
(3.) Don't steal my things and upload under your own name (including my sims).
(4.) Credit is much appreciated and automatically gets you free cookies. 

People that do the bad things on this little list are/get called many creative sailor adjectives. And no, I won't tell you which ones.
[Asia at Odd Hours] Io's Overground Remix + Cyberboots
[Suburban Warfare] Plaid pants and shirts for teen males
Maxis cargoes on custom meshes - Male edition; 2 meshes
Maxis cargoes on custom meshes - Female edition

[Little Sister] Raon 63 with Pooklet's textures/colors - Naturals*
[Little Sister] Raon 63 with Pooklet's textures/colors - Neons*

*Also available here.

I've managed to lose my dear flashdrive which had all of my project files on it. It'll turn up eventually, but for now, I've cut back my projects list massively. There was too many to think about at once! :P
- Hair retextures  
    - Rose 75
    - Coolsims 18
- Aikea sweater meshes for kids and teen males.
- Velvet Dress + Cyberboots

In progress:

- Sweaterdresses
- Male undies mashup
- Seomi wind alpha edit + retexture
- Neena shirts
- Ephemera eyes + anva or pooklet sclera
Flinn's Victoria dress with Amaryll's boots (Mesh done, needs texture copypasta)
- Gelydh's cutoff capris with converse - (done, needs textures)

Not thinking about anything else until all that is done.