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2015-01-01 12:00 am

Terms of use, Master content list, To do, etc.


It's pretty simple:
(1.) Do what you want with my stuff, except upload to paysites (including TSR).
(2) Since half of my stuff is made from other people's work, please credit them/follow their TOU as well.
(3.) Don't steal my things and upload under your own name (including my sims).
(4.) Credit is much appreciated and automatically gets you free cookies. 

People that do the bad things on this little list are/get called many creative sailor adjectives. And no, I won't tell you which ones.
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2010-03-15 05:08 pm
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Download: Little Sister - Raon F63 Pooklet'd

First actual post, here we go!

(I went a bit um... overboard on the set. Sorry. I got a little too creative. Anyway, the only editing done was some sharpening.)
((My Inner Writer is nagging me to explain that those two aren't sisters, otherwise it would be totally awkward according to the storyline.))

Title taken from here.

One of my story characters (Nina, seen here wearing the blonde) absolutely needed to have this hair, so I redid it when it first came out with Rose's textures. Then when I gave her a makeover a while back, I figured it would look adorable with Pooklet's texture and colors.

Little Sister All colors
(Click for full size)

Binned, linked, compressed. Elders had no hair stage, for some reason, thank you ever so much Raonjena, so I had to remove it entirely. Labeled clearly in both filenames and tooltips for your convenience. 
Mesh included.

DOWNLOAD - Naturals

(Depending on my level of energy and patience, there may be an add-on pack with Pooklet's new actions. Watch this space!)

UPDATE: Le_Plat_Du_Jour was awesome and made defaults of these! Go check them out! :D

[personal profile] pooklet for the textures and color actions
Raonjena for the mesh
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2010-03-14 07:25 pm
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Hello internet! Or at least dreamwidth. I didn't think I'd get one of these things, but well... here I am!

The mission of this journal is to be a content dump for stuff I've been hoarding in my savedsims folder that hasn't been dumped on the interwebs because of Pure Lazyness. I keep feeling guilty by making stuff, intending to post it.... and then not posting it. So before the TS2 community gets swallowed up by TS3, I want to give back. This is my solution. Think of this as therapy with you reaping the benefits. :P

There may or may not be a sims story posted, if I get off my ass enough to actually write the damn thing more than spending time making things for it. I play the game once in a while, but it's mainly an artistic tool for me. We'll just have to see what happens. :P

Hopefully I can get something up here soon. In the meantime, you are welcome to friend, watch, etc. I don't bite and accept everyone.